Grandparents of Homeschoolers™ is a non-profit ministry uniting all grandparents of homeschoolers under one umbrella — our love for our grandkids! We exist to provide information and resources to grandparents of homeschoolers through a myriad of tools, online and onsite.

As a ministry, we are distinctly Christian. It is our policy to serve grandparents and parents of all faiths, but to answer to Christ in our ministry operations.

We invite all grandparents — and parents — to JOIN (membership is free), and we also welcome other special people in each homeschooled child’s life who play integral roles in their education. We hope you’ll find the multifaceted resources beneficial as we seek to continually expand our offerings.

We would love to receive your input and ideas, hear about your experiences and pray for your needs. Please contact us with your feedback using the “Contact” form on this website.

Our greatest joy would be to see this ministry used to deepen multi-generational family relationships by engaging grandparents from all walks of life in the home education of their grandchildren.