Is it affordable?

Please spread the word: Families can homeschool for the price of a computer and internet connection! It’s true!

Of course, we recommend that families take advantage of the wealth of excellent resources and curricula available today. We grandparents grew up having just ONE curriculum for each subject. And we didn’t get to choose it; we had to take whatever the school gave us.

Today, there are unlimited choices — and better choices! — that enable homeschooling families to tailor each child’s education to his or her learning style.

But, for families who are very strapped financially, be encouraged; your children can homeschool your grandchildren no matter what their income.

Consider these ideas:

— There are so many free educational opportunities available on the internet, including downloadable worksheets and tests, and online courses for higher grade levels, that a child could be completely educated, from Kindergarten through college, using only the internet.

— Organizations often help. One homeschooling-related organization, The Home School Foundation, helps provide curriculum to families with one parent, or families who have lost their homes to a fire or flood, or other hard times.

— Local homeschooling support groups often have lending libraries that offer books free of charge.

— Local and state homeschooling groups often have used curriculum sales with extremely low prices on books and resources.

— And last, but not least, this is a wonderful opportunity for grandparents to be a blessing to their children and grandchildren, by helping with the costs of curriculum. Attend a homeschool convention together and experience the fun and discovery of all kinds of educational treasures in the curriculum hall.