Local Support Group Ambassadors

Our Homeschooling Support Group Ambassadors are volunteers consisting of couples who are members of local homeschooling support groups. These Ambassadors serve the families in their local group by sharing information about Grandparents of Homeschoolers with new and existing members.

This is the “grassroots” service area of our ministry.

Through many years of homeschool leadership, we have observed that:

(1) Many parents either choose NOT to homeschool because of their own parents’ opposition, or they struggle through homeschooling with stress and criticism constantly over their heads, or they simply quit.

(2) Many grandparents who are thankful and excited that their grandchildren are being homeschooled are not involved in it because they, and the child’s parents, haven’t really thought about why or how to include them.

Our solution: Grandparent mentoring! It’s all part of family discipleship. Grandparents who are skeptical about this “homeschooling thing” can have their concerns addressed by  grandparents who have caught the vision and are overflowing with enthusiasm about their grandchildren being homeschooled. All grandparents, whether skeptical or supportive, are delighted to learn that they can become involved in the homeschooling of their grandchildren! Long-distance or on-site!

No one other than grandparents can add that totally unique “grandpa and grandma” element of helping to disciple their grandchildren. The Grandparents of Homeschoolers ministry seeks to provide encouragement and resources for this to be accomplished, both in person on the local level, and online through a multitude of offerings provided by Grandparents of Homeschoolers: starting with articles, testimonies, blogs, workshops, videos and an upcoming book; and expanding as God leads.