Parent Connection

Welcome, Parents!

Grandparents of Homeschoolers™ is a special ministry to grandparents that is designed to bless you and your grandchildren. That’s why you have a page on their website!

Remember the last time you were overwhelmed with trying to finish the school day with the kids AND prepare dinner AND clean up the  jello from the carpet AND get everyone into the car in time for dress rehearsal for the drama production, AND … oops … you forgot to mend the tear in your daughter’s costume…. Time to crack open that new roll of duct tape. Your husband has to work late and will meet you at the rehearsal. Can’t find the duct tape. Can you thread a needle while you’re driving? When will you ever get a break?

Of course you remember. This is the daily life of homeschooling parents, right?

Well, not always daily, but sometimes it seems that way!

You’re both good at delegating duties to the kids, but there are some things, like their entire education, that only you parents can do.

Wait a minute! What about those wise sages who raised you? They have a LOT of skills to impart, AND generally more free time to devote to their favorite young people!

Sometimes, as homeschooling parents you can get so busy just trying to make it through each day that it might not occur to you to invite into your school day some of the most loving “educators” your kids will ever know: their Grandparents!

This page is a place for parents to encourage one another and trade ideas on how you can involve the grandparents in  your children’s home education. Even if they don’t live locally. We would love to hear  your testimonies of what life is like in your homeschool when the grandparents get involved. Here’s one from a homeschooling mom for starters:

“My father-in-law taught our teen daughter to drive. It was a life-saver. With 3 little ones at home, it was nearly impossible to find time to buckle everyone into car seats and spend time driving around town. We wanted our daughter to get plenty of experience driving before she applied for her license, and we never could have done that without my father-in-law’s assistance. The best part was the closeness our daughter developed with her grandpa by spending so much time together. They love being together and now that my daughter has her license, she still calls her grandpa to go for drives, just to talk.”

Your Turn to Submit Ideas!

Grandparents of Homeschoolers™ welcomes your ideas (and photos of your ideas in action). We reserve the right to edit as needed, and/or to use your idea in the most appropriate place on the Grandparents of Homeschoolers social media network — the website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Please submit all ideas using the “Contact” form on this website. If you have a photo to accompany it, please note that as well and we will contact you separately for your photo.